Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stardoll's Fashion Week: Day 3

Stardoll Fashion Week Its day 3 here in SFW and things are getting hotter and hotter. Take a look at what was released today.

'L'arte de Lily': a collection released by Lily Rose ToddOut of all 14 looks that were in this collection I honestly like it a whole lot more then the collect her and Bruno released yesterday. Most of the looks actually blend well with each other and the last look was jaw dropping. Nice job!

Eccentric Magazine': owned by Vanessa Mendieta

With a covergirl like Devie44 there is many ways you can go wrong (joking) but this wasn't the case with owner of the magazine Vanessa. The graphics were okay, article good, I think you all should take a look at it.

'Coconut': a line created by Becka Lavendale and Nojmul Alfred-Darnley

Last but not least is my favorite of the day, Coconut by Becka and Solo (Nojmul). Graphic weren't the best but I did not notice that because of the great designs! Best of day, could it be best of the week?

Congrats for Nojmul, Lilly, and Vanessa, and to Becka for throwing another day of SFW, until tomorrow, Adios.

Best Dress List: Elite Fashion

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