Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Discounted Stardollars blog? Scam?

Okay, well as I log onto Skype, I notice Servati (whom is advertising SDR) and a couple other people were online and and I was just looking around when I came around her status/mood bar, whatever you guys want to call it and it read "www.sdreseller.blogspot.com/ ~200sd for $3.50".

Well could this be a scam? Sure it could, but after reading the blog over I see that you pay $3.50 us dollars and then you put up a item in you starbazaar for 222sd and i guess the owner of the blog or the advertise will buy the item and you'll have your 200sd.

When I spoke to Debbie I was debating on buying the stardollars but then I thought of past events that happened, and what if this another part of a joke?

Has anyone tried this out yet?


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like scam. Plus, anyone noticiced N1MKA4EVA'S new presentation? She is selling such rares thing for a small amount! Take the mini short sleeve for eg! You can get it from fools with at least 2500 but she is selling with 1200! Plus all her rares are with 4-5 sd bought and I asked her if she was hacked and she laughed! I'm thnkinng Debbie is in this.

Brit-On-Me said...

Charlotte is doing that too

Hey pal :D I'm sure you noticed that Stardoll's price have increased again. It's $6.95 for 200 stardollars now. Isn't that so unfair? :( www.sdreseller.blogspot.com offers discounted stardollars :) The current price is $3.50 for 200sd. If you're interested, take a look at the site and let me know! :D I'm an advertiser for the owner so this is why I'm sending you this message. :)
[21/09/10 15:52:57] Stupid Guy: Ok :^)
[21/09/10 15:53:23] Charlotte//;/x: ;D
[21/09/10 15:53:50] Stupid Guy: Im happy with my free ss :)
[21/09/10 15:53:53] Stupid Guy: Thanks anyway
[21/09/10 15:54:14] Charlotte//;/x: ok:D

N1mka4eva said...

NO GUYS!!!! It's not a scam, I work for the owner, both me and Debbie do. It's no way a scam, don't worry Linda.

DB said...

I advertise for the stardollar reseller. (SDR) That is why my personal message on skype was for the discounted stardollars blog. The person, who I do not know personally and have no idea who she is, pays her advertisers (who find her business) in stardollars and/or rares. :) I know absolutely nothing about the girl who runs it, aside that she is from USA and her name is Ferra. I would imagine if someone was planning a scam, seeing as paypal is notorious for protecting buyer and seller from fraud, that they would be accepting anything BUT paypal. If this was a scam, I probably I would of asked you for your visa number, rather than telling you to sign up for a paypal account, right? o_O All I do is find buyers and give them stardollars, like all advertisers do. For anyone at all to say this is a scam based on your GUESSES, despite actually buying anything, and that 'proof' of your accusations is that Charlotte and I are selling our rares, and the price tags having low prices, is proof of a scam... wtf? That makes absolutely no sense and is completely unfair to say without justification of any kind. If you wanna buy discounted stardollars; 200 for $3.50 msg me or charlotte! As far as I know, ONLY charlotte and I are working for her as of now. ^_^ - Servati

KingofMedia said...

Well Debbie and Charlie, its kind of weird that you guys are working for someone who is totally anonymous to you... I mean who is the owner why is s/he hiding their personal account. If it was legit I'm sure the master mind behind SDR would go public, its a good cause.

And you guys are also up to no good at times,'charlie deaf', telling your "friends" or at least the people you thought were your friends that you were teale, and etc.

Anonymous said...

Their relationship is weird.