Monday, September 27, 2010


It's the begining of Stardoll Fashion Week, hurrah! It's really exciting but I wonder how everything will pan out. Just lastnight a post on Stardoll's Most Wanted was made sort of like a notification refreshing our brainless brains about the big thing-I must say I even forgot it was this week...yeah. ANYWAYS they're doing shitloads of segments as Linda is aiming to get on each and every Best Dressed list I'm hoping to score all the worst dressed ones(that is If I attend the event)! Anywho I noticed they're doing this raffle thing where you have to buy this t-shirt which is pretty plain and says 'SFW' and it is for 14 stardollers! I really like th eidea, I really do! But like where does the money go? They are making a profit of 8 stardollers and just one of the entries (or stupid customers) get to be in Eternity I think...frankly not worth it in my books I'd probably get it as a souvenir because I am stupid (aren't we all? we buy virtual money....) and a customer! but yeah I really want to know where in the world of warcraft do the proceedings go?
(I'm expecting a reply now in the comments box by one of the workers :D)

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