Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tyler thinks Dioguardi Group Suck!

It came straight from the horse's mouth, Tylerisbold himself posted his thoughts on Dioguardi Group and its new project Beyond Beauty on his fashion blog, Tyler's Top Trends. Tyler was standing up for all Fashion blog and all blog in general after what the DG team had t0 say about Beyond Beauty.

"I'm going to tell you that Beyond Beauty's goal IS to stand out from the rest!! Because we're talking high fashion here!! Forget everything you've ever read on any other Stardoll fashion blog because this is the real deal and I'm sure that this blog is going to be a rather delicious feast for your fashion eye!!"

Tyler says this message is calling all fashion blog "shitty" and must have been offended because he put so much work into his blog.

To read exactly what Tyler say click:HERE

Tyler is correct, DG does suck? Or did Tyler took the message too personal?


Blahm3 said...

That was so pathetic of Manolo i mean seriously most of my respect for him has gone !

Mimi_Mami said...

Team Tyler! Never Manolo.

Team Tyler supports all the fashion blogs that already exist (for example, Tyler's Top Trends, The Style Project and all the other fashion blogs)

Blahm3 you stole my words :P