Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stardoll's Covergirl

We know the girl on the cover of the magazine every morning we wake up to see, will be the most coveted person of the day, maybe even voted for a runner up of the next day. Covergirl and the broadcasting system was a simple way of scamming boys and girls out of their money, by purchasing stardollars to waste on way on the wretched broadcast system, so all who shall vote them to be on the cover for that day. Oh how Stardoll loves to see this, people losing after all money they have spent, not to get that trophy in the end, some left in tears, some left with their hopes down. But, Stardoll stands and watches their money build up. Remember when all we had to spend was 500 stardollars to win this position? Now we can see the top broadcasters spending up to 10,000, most not even getting to be covergirl.

I sit and look abaft at the screen of my computer, how doth the covergirl win? She has no broadcasts sent out, maybe not even running. Trailing behind her, are the ones who spent their money as "Queen of Stardoll", no trophy in hand. I find this meticulous, phenomenal even. I don't understand how to win anymore.

Why do we pay for this? Is it for publicity? For the honor? For the fame? For the trophy? I'm considering running myself soon enough, only for the honor and just the achievement. My line of trophies consists of this-National Covergirl trophy. What I want is to get every trophy to be lined up, to show an achievement of me. Surely, I will be knocked down, as I have before, but I think that we all should become Covergirl one day. Each of us is special, each has talent.

I knocked Linda down, and am sorry for that, because even though she has competition, she could win, but if not, receive the achievement of 2nd, 3rd, even 5th place. I sure hope she wins, because it shows we all have ability and all have integrity to endure this process. Good luck to her.

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Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

I tottaly agree. I don't brodcast helps like it helped before. You just spend lots of money and most of the times pepole don't even enter the page when hey see that add, or they don't like the outfit and don't vote.
Plus, before, like you said, 500SD was enough, but now pepole start to spend more and more. That is why only 500SD don't work anymore.
Now you need way more stuff than brodcasting to win CoverGirl. Since the top brodcasters of the day don't win Covergirl.
I think it's a bit suspicious that those girls spend so much money and don't win. But who am I to speek?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too believe that it is suspicious. Where did these random girls come from? Stardoll hand-picked? I don't even see some with winning designs and such. You have gotten it right, Jessica. It is quite a myster.

taylorstardoll said...

I don't understand why people spend so much money, if you win you win. Stardoll should be more about making friends than getting 25sd and a trophy.

The SD Fashion Craze Team

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

This post was really worth it to read. And this made me think...
I thanks you for this post, because now i see what a fool i was to spend all my stardollars into broadcast just that ppl come to my starbazaar. I will never receive the money that i have lost in boradcast just by selling stuff. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS POST! ;)

Maggie :) said...

I agree i regret spending over 300sd today because i know i wont win :'( So i just wasted me money now im really depressed cuz i only have 207 stardollars and i just had 500 3days ago and i still have a whole month til i get more :( any suggestions on how to get money??? Please help!!! Im 32mes1998 :)