Friday, December 17, 2010


Fancy writing here I believe,
So, for quite sometime until recently the latest trend in blogging is being anonymous, and BOY have we gotten a LARGE amount of anonymous writers out there, many Gossip Girls, Gossip Guys, Elites Exposers, a relatively large amount of anonymous accounts giving critique on your suite, outfit, and other urhm, unmentionables. The reason they are unmentionables is because quite frankly, I wanted to add something but did not have the energy or time to think (considering the fact that it might really take me around a second or two to think up of something else, gimmie a moment....)

Anyway, this post is just to raise it up for discussion, do you believe those anonymous accounts or bloggers are there because they are scared of bitching about someone who is supposedly their friend, or that person is an elite? Or maybe because they think being anonymous is cool, and would instantly raise their popularity (which is evidently true, well, to most known anonymous bloggers)? Or perhaps its to follow the trend? I happen to know trends aren't just for fashion!

Tell us in the comments,
I am still indecisive (still is having a moment...)

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BershkaGirl601 said...

I think Anonymous users, don't want to publish their name because they are too coward to give it out, they're scared of what your reaction can be: -That is because maybe he/she is your friend. -Or because he/she is making a hard critique to someone big in the stardoll world, and doesn't want to have people against. -Maybe feels cool insulting an icon or something.

BershkaGirl601 said...

There are also another type of anonymous users, the ones who do not have a blogger account, and post with anonymous, but then DARE to say their Stardoll name, since they've said nothing offensive.

Gabby1822 said...

Hey I say we all have been anonymous users at one point. Am I right or am I right? We don't like Anonymous users much,but sometimes we want to say what they said or hate what they said. You either love them or hate them. You just can't get rid of them and sometimes we play a role of being one ourselves. *That's all I've got to say about that(in Forest Gump accent*

iswim19 said...

Baah, they need to grow up and admit things to peoples' faces. If you're going to bitch about someone who is supposedly your "friend," you're a backstabber. What kind of friend is that? I SAY to Anonymous, man UP and figure out if you're chicken or not.