Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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Hello people of the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand!
I'm guessing today most of you know it as Christmas Eve, but is also celebrated at different times for other countries, so Merry Christmas to them when that time comes! :]

Well, I am the new "guest writer" (I think, or permanent writer). I used to write here on McKenzie1397, but now am ColtonAttack. So, I was supposed to start a while ago, but apparently there is no gossip left on Stardoll. I will try to post as much as I can!

How are you spending your Christmas?


.emma.x. said...

Why only United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand? I am sure there are people from other countries who read this blog..

Anonymous said...

That's not exactly what I meant, it was those countries and others. You misinterpreted it.

IrishLily09 said...

Merry(belated) Christmas , Colton!
(I know you don't me :P)

The SD Fashion Craze Team xx :)

Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

I hope you had a nice christmas, and I wish you a happy new year (:

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you all. Hope you had a good Christmas. New Years almost here :)