Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stardoll's NOH8

Stardoll's NOH8 organization is a fight against many thing which add up to bullying/cyber-bullying owned by . The organization is inspired by the real life NOH8 organization which is an organization to make gay marriage legal, so as you can see its a pretty difference.

Findurlove (Maggie) was feature in a graphic which looks to be inspired by the Kim Kardashian's NOH8 campaign. The graphics looks amazing and was made by the fabulous Conii987 (Coco).

(Credit for image:X17 Online)

For more information on Stardoll's NOH8:click here


IrishLily09 said...

I completely agree with this movement.
I have my own sponsorship with this blog.
I completely support the organization and Gillian.

The SD Fashion Craze Team xx :)

Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

I tottaly support this movement. It's something really important and it's good to see so many pepole supporting it