Sunday, December 12, 2010

We've reached 200 followers! about time! Stardoll's King of Media has finally reached its 200th follower. It truly feels like it was just yesterday I was 'Kingofmedia' on Stardoll receiving all this great feedback about the blog. Well I guess it time for a change ahh? Do I hear competitions in Stardoll's King of Media future?

KOM-er of the Month
(Most active follower- Medoll will be featured on sidebar)

Prizes: 100sd and advertise your project/blog on KOM for a Month!

That's going to be the first competition, more coming soon...

Stardoll's King of Media will also start sponsoring other blogs/projects. I'm normally not a fan of giving all my followers away to other blog but I'll give it a try.

The last thing we'll be adding to KOM is, guest blogger. I'm not such a huge fan of this but its about time for change! All you have to do is fill out the following:

Writing experience:
What would you blog about?:

Thanks again to all the followers again!


liza.suliamnec/jelizaveta123 said...

Writing experience:
What would you blog about?:well I love to do interviews soo maybe I can do interviews with elites on this blog ;D

liza.suliamnec/jelizaveta123 said...

here are some of my interviews

Miss_LolitaF said...

Congrats :)

Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Name/User: Tapstar321
Writing experience: I write for quite a variety of blogs and magazines:
And possibly another magazine that I will guest write for will be added to the list of things I am a writer for ;)
What would you blog about?: I can blog about anything from stardoll projects to interviews to fashion to beauty to people! Really, the only thing I wouldn't blog about is free things/spoilers, blogging about those things bores me to be honest.

iloveanimals28 said...

Name/User: Minnie or iloveanimals28 (on stardoll )

Writting experiance: I have a blog:, and I really just love writing! In real life, I write a ton, in school and outside of that! I think I am a good writer in general....

What would you do on the blog?: I am a flexible person, so I could do anything you need me to write, if you have a specific topic in mind, but I could do interviews, talk about people starting drama, or people changing their style!

Anonymous said...

yay congrats!

GossipGirl4real said...

This blog totally deserves all those 200 followers :)

GossipGirl4real said...

Name/User: Stacy/GossipGirl4Real
Writing experience:
What would you blog about?:
The latest interesting facts and news in stardoll

Julie. said...

Name/User: Julie/Brumilicious

Writing experience:

What would you blog about?:I'd love to take some interviews because i really enjoy finding out some interesting and spicy things about people and i know what and who to ask.
Or i could have a fashion segment,like hottest item on the day and i'll choose some stardoll members who wear it at that moment and post them all on the blog.
Or many other things :D

Anonymous said...

Name/User: ColtonAttack/Colton
Experience: This blog, Elite Fashion, etc. :)
What would you blog about? I would blog about anything, gossip, new things to Stardoll. I post almost daily, so, pretty active! ^__^
Hope you consider!

And congrats on 200 followers! I was here at 100, and hope to be your next writer..again. :)

Luli / Lulita-15 said...

Name/User: Lucila // Lulita-15
Writing experience: I wrote for Recherche I was owner of queens of stardoll , yes to stardoll gossip, and many others.and also you can go to:
What would you blog about?: I know many gossips of stardoll, also I'd like to teach beauty tips, and all that kind of stuff!I know how to search spoilers. My mother works in a fashion company, so I can write about fashion in the real world,why not?