Monday, December 20, 2010

KOM'er Awards, Awards, Awards!

Here is a totally different type of awards, theses are the awards that most aren't really wanting
to receive. These are the categories that never make the list of category for the The Star Awards mainly because they aren't 'appropriate', but this is Stardoll's King of Media and we're to do what ever the hell we want to do!

(No ceremony for the awards, its not like a real deal awards but VOTE)

And your votes won't be seen by anyone but me!

Worst dress female:
Worst dress male:
Drama queen or king of Stardoll (very dramatic):
Worst Suite:
Worst project:
Most unfriendly medoll:
Most unoriginal medoll:

Speaking of awards, have anyone notice how the Star Awards were planned to been a few days ago. Maybe it was the wrong decision to let Miss_LolitaF go last month.

Also there's two new award shows hitting stardoll soon! One owned by a very good friend of my, To_royal. Its called The Classique Awards:

If I were you, I'd subscribe this blog as soon as possible, category you'll probably ever for a different award show.

Don't forget to follow The Classique Awards

Last but not least the The Late Night Awards, owned by Madworld. I'm actually one of the many awesome judges for the Late Night Awards and Stardoll's King Of Media is one of the many sponsors. For more information follow The Late Night with Chad.


KingofMedia said...

Comments will not be shown, so vote freely and honestly!

Results will be up in a week or two.

VampireLady33/Milena said...

I can think of only one person to nominate in all these categories, but I won't get that low. I am sure he/she will get lots of nominations anyway. So no nominations from me, and sorry for spam ;)

.emma.x. said...

I love this...

Worst dress female: karenfromohio
Worst dress male: idk
Drama queen or king of Stardoll (very dramatic): Miss_LolitaF
Worst Suite: myself, haha
Worst project: Idk, Eternity for not bringing out an issue they promised?
Most unfriendly medoll: Shakira_Avril (only from one experience)
Most unoriginal medoll: vpurple

If these comments ever get released for any reason I hope no one takes offense, I really like most of the people I put down.

When you release the results can you say who the runners up are? :)

Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

It's good to see that now there are so many award shows! :D