Friday, July 30, 2010

M by Marcela

M by Marcela is a new Stardesign brand made by the amazing Marcela. The patterns shown above will be released one every week in August on a maxi dress. More information is in the image above.
What do you think? Will you buy?

By the way, do you guys like my posts?


FashionnGirl. said...

Great but i will be away for the first 3 week's of august so will they still be there after that week

Anonymous said...

It says in the image that you will only be able to get the designs the week it says. Otherwise, they will never be sold again, other than from other users. I hope that helps (:

Cianboland said...

They are very pretty designs :) But I don't think that they are special enough to be limited, its a bit of a fuss for some stardesigns really. But I will buy some, if they're not expensive :)

Anonymous said...

They look nice. I hope they wouldn't be too expensive.