Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well as we all know Slaggot accused Findurlove of blackmailing her. She tells EliteNews (Baya) that Maggie has dirt on her and threaten Sloane that she was going to spread it if she didn't change the story, and that's why she put out the false statements that Vasia was the real bad guy. I didn't really believe this at first because, I've heard that Sloane plays a lot of games and does whatever it takes to get famous.

When I spoke with Maggie she let me know that she has no dirt and anyone and Sloane is full of it.This message reads:
"You have to know this about Sloane, she's does anything to get into Stardoll fame, and will say anything to stay there; she is going to become your friend, yet later would betray you; I find her hypocritical, very two faced, and says a lot of Bull. For instance, I never have "secret things" on people, I'd never really blackmail people to get fame, I am not her, and most certainly not going to be. As for what she said to me on Skype the other day, she was like " Oh I am sorry Maggie, everyone started attacking you and I think Vasia is mean" blah blah blah, I can see all that talk was very dishonest.

If you wish to see my conversation with her, just ask, I have a copy of our Skype conversation. "

That's funny how she apologized to Maggie because Vasia told me that Sloane apologized to her too. Sloane you can't play the fence and not expect to get caught because you were caught in this case. What was a fake fight got real, and really ugly and I can say that neither Maggie or Vasia is at fault. It is Sloane who is instigating, lying, and doing a lot to become famous.


Dei said...

I am so confused about everything. I don't know Vasia that close but she doesn't seem mean to me at all and Maggie is a good person to me. And I don't know Sloane that well to judge her like that.

So I will just see what happens...

Baya Nikolas said...

Me too, the whole situation seems to get more crazy everyday.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Mimi_Mami said...

Why is Sloane such an attention seeker?

Cianboland said...

Sloane is super nice! She's such a nice person and she is so not an attention seeker. She rocks & Rules!