Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Competition! Win 200sd!

Okay socialites.

First post and all,Just thought it could be for something useful, So here it goes...

So, as the title says, it is a competition.You may be thinking of what it is, but
I'm gonna stop you right there and just tell you.This is a comp to get more followers,
they will comment this post saying that you invited them, so the person with the most people
invited will be crowned the winner, by receiving 200 SDs and a banner made by me.

The minimum entries will have to be ten, minimum number of followers will be 5.
So not too many rules.

So everyone come on and join!
Support the blog! ;D


Anonymous said...

Come on, no one wants 200 SDs for free?

Anonymous said...

Missdancer853/Lily here.
;P I'll tell people to follow (:

Anonymous said...

mizz_sweety its here and Missdancer853 told me to follow ! ;)

Nicky/Nickychicky98 said...

Missdancer853 sent meh (:

Anonymous said...

Missdancer853 sent me(:

workinmom2007 said...

MissDancer853 invited me to this blog.(: