Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mary opens her heart.

These days on Stardoll people are not hesitant to speaking their opinion. Weather it be needed or not. Something that is for sure, Mary (writemarycat) has an attendancy of getting the wrong end of the stick. Yesterday however- Mary took a stand to the people who hate onto her, and made a valiant statement to the haters on her presentation, and personally- her message was inspiring.

Mary spoke her mind and was truthful of how she feels, (ah, honesty, how I miss you in the stardoll world.) and reading, my heart was lifted to see her to have bravery to be that open, exclaiming things some of us are too scared to say. Well done Mary!


miki said...

I applaud her for being "open". We all knew her as a classy, creative and sophisticated "lady", emphasis on the lady, since (until now) I never saw her as confrontational or whoring herself out like other failed elites. But her downfall was engaging Tyler in a tabloid-style, resorting to narcissism and well, name calling. I expect KOM to say bitch, whore and vibrators since that is Linda's format/theme on the blog. But not Mary, not from an elite. Tyler maybe at fault here. You can probably say that he deserves it or he's seeking attention anyway, but it doesn't mean that you have to stoop down to insult and criticize the person.

KingofMedia said...

By the way, you could keep my name out of your mouth, I don't even know you.

miki said...

hmmm... according to your blog archives you came out of the closet and had your real identity aired out as linda. that's your name isn't it? why the air of "im so better than you?" when i just said your name. i didn't say shit about your name. keep your claws to yourself and take it out when need be. don't act like you're on a pedestal just because a nobody know your name.