Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Much Style?

Looks like someone couldn't create a magazine themselves and had to copy another. Go to to see graphics taken out of Style_Magazine's magazine, Teen Style, and used the graphics as their own in it. They took it purposefully as there are no credit to Style or to the magazine. Maybe she shouldn't be so lazy and actually get up a team and work to get a magazine.
Here are some of the graphics that were taken.

What do you think about this copier aqua324?

Update: She has changed her magazine, and made it shorter with her own graphics.


Baya Nikolas said...

I saw that.
So stupid.
I hate when people copy other's hard work.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is very selfish and childish to do so.
They went through all the time to make it and someone comes along and just, takes it from you.

Lily Summers said...

Lol you got that from my guestbook! :D
I saw something fishy about them,but I didn't know what blog/magazine it was from,so I let it go. Then larsa_gurl told me.
It's sad that people copy. I mean use your own CREATIVITY. Yeessh -.-

Anonymous said...

Hey, I forgot about that feature!
*Blast from the past*

But yeah, it pisses me off when people get all the glory with none of the hard work.

Larsa_Gurl said...