Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fashion Arts University?

Mary has done it again- constructed yet another genius stardoll project, and they're just getting bigger and better. Mary has devised a new project, a Fashion Arts University, named FAU inventively.

Mary has created a impressively elegant system for the University, with two sections of studying the Fashion Arts. 'Public' And 'Privet'. Of corse Mary has smartly made this into a money-making project, and I applaud her for it! 3 of 10 students will study for free. They're chosen obviously in an interview, Mary stated in her FAU blog 'The most perspective students, the most hard-working and the most interesting ones will study for free.' And to me that seems perfectly fair. If you're going for private education, the whole price is one superstar code, affordable for most. Mary stated this on her blog: 'If you want to study 3 subjects, you have to pay for one of them (If you're in the public list. But if you're in the private list, then you have to pay for all three or more) Each 3 subject you choose - if you're in the Public List - you have to pay for one of them. Example: you need to pay 2 of 6. Also, a special faculty - Graphics Design - has only private form of studying. Paying before you start the course!' Simple and eccentric!

If you're interested in studying at this university visit Mary's blog for more information here.



Mary said...

I've changed the price now, and from now on you can use paying via Stardoll (sales). I will add more details later, but you can read the price for each subject (yes, those will be different, just like in RL) in the Subject page on the FAU site.

Cianboland said...

We could just do a bit of research online instead of wasting our Stardollars. In my eyes, this is a complete scam.