Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mary calls Tyler out.

Bad Media Karma blog launch a week or so ago and there has been very interesting things being posted which you all should go check out. A recent post talks about Tylerisbold announcing his being on his PR Blog. He said "I am now fully proud to say that I do and will now consider myself Elite - rather than an Elite. It is considered a rank, not a personality". If it was in personality I'm sorry to say but he would not have a chance being a Elite.

Some people dis-agree with him knowing thinking he is an Elite for expamle his good friend Mary. Mary said that he loves himself way too much, and his Ego is way to big, well thats my take on it lets see what she has to say, "
LOL at Tyler for this, to be honest. He has gone too far with his love to himself. Huge ego, right? I am friends with him, but I must admit that he's blind to the fact that people don't really pay much attention to him."

Amen, I totally agree, I like Tyler but when your head is that big and you think your like a God, thats a huge problem.


MadWorld said...

Love her :P

Nojarama said...

xD ouch

KingofMedia said...

That probably hurts his ego!:D

Nojarama said...

Loool Linda, i'm sure it hurt more than that D:

Anonymous said...

How would that hurt my ego? She did not even call me out, either. You are very new to this whole gossip scene - it is apparent. We are friends, as she stated, she is just giving me some friendly advice.

The True Elite said...

Cha cha Tyler... You'll be featured on my blog... But who will you be? True Elite or... failed attempt to be one?

KingofMedia said...

Whatever Tyler, you were called out.

And its apparent that you and new to the whole reading thing because I did mention you were friends so you didn't need to explain that, just get back to your diary (which is so cute, never met a guy with a diary)I'm sure your readers are expecting some updates.

Anonymous said...

If you did notice, either, that it is titled, "My Online 'Diary'". As opposed to diary being displayed as "diary". And better yet, online.

Basically, if you were smart and got computers and technically this day and age - you would know that a diary is basically a form of thought and being that is online and mostly consumed of picture memories, it is a place to document lifestyles and past events.

You have never met a guy with a diary, because you have not lived. First off, you concealed yourself as a guy in the first place. Second, diaries come in so many forms. Ever heard of a photo album? A documentary? A GOSSIP BLOG?

You have crossed the line with me. It is almost too funny how you try and make friends with your readers. You may achieve fame, but you will never be considered elite. Do you not understand that? You write about elites, you are not one of them. It is your job to write about them, not befriend them.

You should hate them. Not favor some and hate some. You should hate all and barley speak to any. You are very new to this scene so take some advice once in awhile instead of fighting back like you actually have a clue as to what you are talking about.

And no, she did not call me out, because she is irrelevant to my life. You should learn what to write about. Its "Stardoll's King of Media". Last time I checked, and as Mary states - I am not very interesting.

Go write about someone who wants publicity not someone who needs it.