Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Perez? I think not.


There is a new Perez Hilton of Stardoll, supposedly. The blog was released I believe yesterday and all the stories are bs! They have a picture of Lolita's medoll nude, supposedly taking picture but the graphics are so poor who knows what she is doing.

I guess the blog writers are taking on Stardoll as a imaginary world, To_royal is getting a sex change (So stupid), Britney07 is homeless(?), MadameMushroom released a CD (Lame), and like I said before its all bullsh#t. The blog is so fake, and one our writers ex writes, currently writes for 'Perez' as well. This oh so great blog also does "Who wore the bow best" competition, which I did when I first opened the blog.

I am not hating on the blog at all, it just need better writers, and better imaginations.

Do you guys like the blog? Do we need another Perez or should he just vanish from Stardoll? Good luck who ever you are!

Before any other person decides they want open a new gossip blog, I'd apologize for starting this new wack era!


Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

Are you idiot? Seriously Linda, u need a life.

Baya Nikolas said...

As of right now the blog is a total mess.
I also have a icky feeling that someone from my team is behind it.

nik - firecracker. said...

What Baya said, perhaps it'll get better , but as of right now it's not good.

Who is the ex-writer who's writing for it ?

Interesting Midget said...

It sucks. Really it does. They don't have any writing style or class at all.

Linda (Elite-girl) said...

I need a life, when your the one who is on Stardoll 24/7 but log-off then back on every hours to make it look like you just got on, and you spend REAL MONEY on fake as clothing, yeah bitch think before you speak!

Erienne//x.optimsitic.x said...

The new Perez blog is disgusting. I thought it was a tribute to the old Perez, but when I read the posts, I resigned the day of.