Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The History/ What Really Went Down

I recently spoke with Vasia28 about her history with findurlove, and this is what I learned:

Me: Okay, so how'd you meet findurlove? Are you guys aquaintances in real life?
vasia28: No,I have been knowing her on stardoll for like a year ,I met her in sumer 2009.We became friends and later in the winter we became bffs and we used to talk everyday pretty much about everything
Me: Soo when did she start acting strange?
vasia28: when she starting hetting too much fame ,I guess,fame and glory make people acting strange
Me: Did you ever confront her about it?
vasia28: no,she was still my friend then :/
Me: So, you just pretty much left it alone?
vasia28: yeah,actually,it hadn't influenced me then.
Me: When did it reach the point that you had to do something about it?
vasia28: Well,I was so pissed when she made the eternity contract and she only mentioned her name and manolosand they called themselves owners,while we were all supposed to be equal.
Me: What did she contact Eternity for?
vasia28: well,she made a contract to make a deal with mary,the contract was saying that DG would own eternity mag by then
Me: So, is that why you left?
vasia28: I left,because they broke their own rules and actually the idea of a ''group'' was mine and I left by saying '' I quit,now you can own anything ,even people'',I remember it like it happened yesterday :(
Me: Wow. So have you recently talked to her since the incident with Eternity and the virus?
vasia28: yeah,we had made ''peace'',but she did that with the virus 2 days ago
Me: When you asked about the virus, how did she respond?
vasia28: sloane asked and she said that she did not know what it was,while she knew it was a virus and she started laughing -.-
Me: That's defenitely low. Have you talked to her since the virus?
Me: And do you ever plan to?
vasia28: I blocked her from everywhere when it happened :/
Me: Do you ever think you will unblock her?
vasia28: No ,I won't unblock her after what she did to me and my friend and she even planned it!
Me: I wouldn't either. Last question, where did you meet her?
Me: Like you said you met her over the summer, where?
vasia28: I added her on stardoll and we started talking through messages at first and then skype :P
Me: Hmm, interesting. Well thank you for time, hope you have a nice day (:
vasia28: Your welcome :D you too!

So the virus was planned, and findurlove was met on Stardoll... What have we learned today? Never to trust anyone on the internet!

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