Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm a new writer, Blake aka -Pop_Tart-
The supreme bitch, Findurhate (findurlove) has committed the biggest mistake in Stardoll history- sending a virus link to the most popular members including Vasia and Sloane!
I was notified by Slaggot (Sloane) that she hated Findurlove and never to trust her. I already knew this because of prior scrapes with the uber-bitch, but I curiously asked why.
Apparently, Sloane and Vasia had gotten links from the devil, and upon opening them, they sent out viruses. I had my doubts, but Sloane even had screen prints! I'll post them here (7) and you can judge for yourself whether you're Team Stardoll or Team Mags. I personally am Team Stardoll, because the devil is just....ugh.


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