Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why did she really leave Dioguardi?

Well yesterday we found out the reason why Vasia(Vasia28) left Dioguardi but really from Maggies(Findurlove) point of view, the real reason she left was because she wasn't being respected by Manolo and Maggie. Here is what Vasia had to say about the leaving...

"We used to be really good friends,but one day when she made the contracts for E,I saw only her and manolo's name on it as owners of dioguardi group and I got mad,since I found the idea of ''the group'' when I wanted to create a magazine and manolo said that we would be all owners,all equal and it was fair. Well,I told manolo how I felt and he said that he did not know what to say ,since I was right and she promised me that he would fix it .The next day maggie started ******ing at me on skype and I told her ''I quit,now you can own everything,even people'' You can also contact Karla,because she knows what happened and she was angry,too. By then,I quit dioguardi group and dioguardi couture later and I did not want to join again,I was not welcomed anyways. After it,Manolo hired emma and nicole to replace me and he was like wow,emma is so amazing and innovative etc,obviously he was telling me those things to make me feel less good at what I did. Some months later,Manolo announced that he would leave sd and that he would give dioguardi to maggie and emma and when we had a conversation on skype,I told him that every single decision he took on stardoll was naive and he propably got offened,while I just wanted to help him and she told emma that I DID NOT LIKE HER,JUST BECAUSE I TOLD HIM THAT HE TOOK NAIVE DECISIONS. The next day manolo had completely left stardoll.Now,about the virus thingy,maggie and sloane made a convo on skype in which was me ,charlotte,sloane and maggie.They wanted to create a fake fight between us :S Later,maggie sent that link and sloane asked her what it was she said that she did not know and then she told us to did not mind,but how the fack couldn't we mind when we clicked? then she started laughing ,using the laughing smiley on skype and then I got the facking virus and my computer facked up,I felt so much hate and I was too angry ,I was ready to do a virtual murder lol then,I blocked maggie and maggie also left the convo. I also got told that maggie is a big liar,I don't wanna say who told me but ''Well, we were really good friends awhile ago, and she kept telling me these lies! Like she went to a really good college, Oxford, and she couldn't spell. :p And how she was 17 and going there. It was unbelievable the lies that she told me! :p '' that's what she told me .I just cleared everything,maybe maggie is not that lovely girl everyone thinks she is ''-.-"

I said all I could say about the drama between them.

I need your opinion, whose wrong and who should apologize, Maggie or Vasia?


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Madisson - BrissieBella said...

There's nothing for Vasia to apologize for.

Maggie was being controlling first of all, and sending that virus didn't get her anywhere.