Monday, June 28, 2010

A virus is being spread! What the victim has to say!

Earlier today I was in Vasia28 guestbook, just being nosey and I came across a posted Vasia posted in her own guest book saying "I HATE FINDURLOVE!" and after that message social psycho Slaggot post, "I KNOW VASIA! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!". So when I asked Slaggot what occured to make you and vasia feel this way towards Maggie, and she says,

"Me and Maggie (Findurlove) were chatting on skype and she sent me a link - and since we were chatting, and I trusted her, I didn't think that it was such a big deal and I opened the link. However, it turned out to be a ****ing virus - luckily my mom's firewall (yeah, I was on my mom's computer, without her permission - WHO WORKS AT A BANK) blocked it, which saved my life because it would have been catastrophic if it didn't. Anyway, after I asked her why she sent that, she started laughing. (WTF I know). My computer wasn't harmed, but she did the same thing to Vasia whose computer now does have a virus and whose msn and Skype isn't working - and she was also laughing at that point. However, when me, Vasia and Charlotte (who were in a group chat) asked her about it ... she was all like, I wasn't laughing (she was) and then blamed it on someone else, Aba something or other. She took no responsibility for totally ****ing up Vasia's computer and almost ****ing up mine. Both of us, plus Charlie are like totally ****ed - within reason, and ... she's got something coming to her. She totally used our trust against us and didn't even bother to come up with a semi decent excuse.

(Don't open links from her and DON'T TRUST HER if you know what's good for her - and Vasia will totally tell you the same thing)."

So Charlie (N1mka4eva) is a ride or die chick, stand up for her girls, I respect that. And well that Maggie better watch her back, because with three mad bitches after her she dead meat bb.

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