Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JOM: Stardoll's Most Wanted

So, new segment on KOM is Stardoll's Judge of Media, or Judge of Media, or JOM for short. Me and Linda came up with this idea about a week ago, and this segment is about judging the projects, blogs, and collections of Stardoll. This may stay, but also may go, depending on your vote.

This week's media that I am judging is a blog, the most popular blog on Stardoll, Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Stardoll's Most Wanted is a blog owned by Jenna or emorox4eva. The blog has many comps, much news, spoilers, new releases, new dolls. This blog is truly amazing and I know that I can go there after a month away and be like, now I know all that happened. It is truly a blog that I recommend. With its almost 3000 followers, I am sure you will agree. I always look forward to the hot buys dress up comps to see how many people dress up their dolls to compliment the HBs. The graphics are always amazing, done by the great John_2el_mejor (I think ^^), like the Easter graphic, and the Valentine's Day one, you will never know with John. If your one that isn't on the computer a lot, check this site for everything you missed, all the Stardoll news will be there, just not gossip.

I am leaving Stardoll, dears. Which means this blog too, I may choose to say, but this is a goodbye until later posts. I hope you all enjoyed them (:


Sonia said...

Great review, Colton. I agree. It shows what Stardoll was originally about: Style, Fashion, Friends, etc. But they don't post about gossip, which I absolutely LOVE.

But you can't leave us now! We love you, Colton!

Princessvx said...

Good idea, but I think you should do which blog is better, like, something VS something else :) Get me?

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Thanks for the review Colton! I'm glad you like us and aww no don't leave..