Thursday, August 12, 2010

She is at it again

I'm back from my little vacation, I've been trying to catch up on what I missed this past week. So something that I missed were all these little pictures that have been left in Haus of Gossip's comment sections.

In this particular picture the annoymous drawling trash M by Marcela saying her items a over priced for the little time she spends and is making money off of all the many people desperate enough to pay they're money on something because the items being sold are from a 'Elite' as we call them.(Ok she did say all that but I had to throw my bitchiness in it.)

My honest opioin on her items are that they are worth the price, but if they are selling who are we to tell her to lower it. And because I love the new Style_Magazine's slang I'm going to take part in the new trend, " Gett it gurrl, youz betta gitz thatz paper gurrrrrlfriend!"

Thanks to the ever so popular blog, and one of my favorite gossip blogs: Haus of Gossip


Anonymous said...

Whoever made this is good with graphics, so this should lower it down :]

Nojarama said...

Ahahaha 'If you ain't got da doe take yo broke a$$ homeeeee'


KingofMedia said...

Lol, Thanks solo♥, even though you said my panties were dirty!:D (Which they aren't)

Nojarama said...

:| I joke! Your panties are cleaner than my mouth.. x)

miki/lovekuting said...

@ noj: nyahahahah! herpes