Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Servati Is A Liar

In addition to the obvious HOAX message in her presentation, Servati has been officially 'outed' by myself. I took the liberty of emailing Eurotunnel, as I wanted it straight from them that it had not happened. I must personally say that this is the best customer service I have ever experienced! Haha! One day response! Anyway, here is the screenshot of the email I received. (Sorry if the image doesn't work...Click?) It reads:
Good Morning,
Thank you for your email. The story you read is merely a vicious rumor, as no such accident has occurred. Could you please send us the details of the website where you read the article.
Kind regards,

So basically, this is the official fuck you to Servati. I told you all it wasn't real. Can we stop moaning over fake deaths now? Charlotte is on a holiday/vacation to Disney.

Message from Linda: This should be the last post about this event, I promise.


Alice in Wonderland said...

If you tell them what happened, chances are Eurotunnel will sue; that'll teach her ;)

miki/lovekuting said...

me likes the idea of alice! you really live in my wonder wonder land!

-Pop_Tart- said...

Alice- I don't want to provide them with Stardoll's name, only because then I'd probably be somehow forced into this case (if they took it to court) and I don't want to fly out to Paris/England.
But should I tell them about Servati? :S

Anonymous said...

That's plain horrible.
And someone should tell Eurotunnel about her :3
Like, you know her real name and everything?

-Pop_Tart- said...

No, I only know her first name, Debbie. I don't know if it's even her real name or not. I told Eurotunnel about her, and it's up to them.

nik - firecracker. said...

Well, we've got it all solved. :P
SO that's good.

But, do you think Eurotunnel will actually do something about the gossip on a doll site? :| that'd be amazing if they did, but i doubt it?

nice post blaaake. :)

vanilladream123 said...
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