Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Big F*CK You To Servati!

So, you've all heard about that fake news of Charlotte's death. I can say fake with a firm belief that it's true. If this train accident had occurred, I'm positive it'd be all over the news. Servati says they were all killed, or required amputation. I'd think up a plausible rumor next time Servati. The latest recorded train wreck was today, August 17th.
"August 17, 2010 - A sewage tanker lorry strikes and derails a passenger train (the 17:31 service from Sudbury to Marks Tey) on a level crossing at Little Cornard, Suffolk. Eighteen people are injured, two seriously"
I don't know where Charlotte lived, and neither does her best friend, Nojarama. I know this is a horrible thing to say, but A lot of members are taking this too far. It is NOT real at all. 100% fake. Here are some giggle-worthy comments posted on Charlotte's guestbook.
I blocked out most of the names and faces, but I'm sure you can find them by looking through the guestbook. Anyway, I want to see this article that bdogg28 posted about. (NOTE: She posted this BEFORE Servati posted about it in the guestbook! Suspicious?) ad.astra might be talking about the thing Servati posted, but it could be something else.
So I'm done writing about this, it's...weird.


Anonymous said...


KingofMedia said...

:O *Mouth drops to ground*

syligirl said...

they were best friends right?
I would kill my bf is she was saying things like this about me!

Dollywood Gossip said...

Poor little C. The truth will eventually come out.

xoxo Dolly Woods


-Pop_Tart- said...

Oh my gosh shut up Dolly Woods!
You are SO annoying.

Dollywood Gossip said...

^Oh B, like your any different dear.

Anonymous said...

good laugh, thank you