Monday, August 16, 2010

Stupid Stardoll Designers

So, as you all probably know, the new shop identiTEE was released earlier with a new collection. Sometimes I wonder who designed the clothes on Stardoll- a trendy 20 year old, or a jittery trashy 50 year old. It's disgusting some of the outfits they release, and even when they're super chic outfits in real life, but then get turned into trash on the site. I mean seriously?!Anyway, to the point of my post, Stardoll has probably pissed me off more than the Hotbuy re-release season. Why? They decided that for the identiTEE shop, they'd release trashy cut-off shirts with the emoticons from the chat section. *facepalm*Not only are the smileys fugly already, they didn't need to put them on a purple cut off shirt. I don't understand what goes through their minds when they design these things. The other shirts were okay, but I would've liked to see something along the lines of the following pictures. All shirts are from Forever 21. I understand some of them they wouldn't be able to do, but they're just ideas of what I'd like to see. I really like the Harvard shirt and the Don't Litter. Something happened to the picture after I posted it, and there are random white marks all over.The shirts are for the most part whole, except for the last one.


Anonymous said...

The shirts look funny though.

-Pop_Tart- said...

Which one?