Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nudity is Fashion!

You must have heard of Cover Magazine, and the always love-able Eternity Magazine, and how they used the main idea of 'nudity' in their photo-shoots, and of course, people disagreed, and some didn't just display their agreement, yet they resorted to aggressive comments, which discourages the workers. I personally think the idea was simply fashionable, and innovative.

In art, artists used and still use nude models, should they be female or male, and paint explicit portraits - nude portraits - for royalty, for museums, and these masterpieces are nothing less than perfect, and are admired by artistic people all around the world, not for the fact its a nude portrait, but because of the artistic touch it has, the style, the detail, the meaning. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, nudity in art is merely showing the roots of a human body, to simplicity, the basic analogy of a human body. The way the body looks, the shapes, the sizes, the dimensions, all that you can think of. Are these artists blamed and ridiculed for having a nude model in it? Of course not! The artist is admired for his or her hard work, because of the dedication they put up to make this portrait.

In modern times, nudity is an offense, in public, people do get arrested, although, in ancient times, people roamed nude, with nothing to wear but a piece of cut clothing, nudity is an offense to whom thinks it is 'unsanitary', for most it is unsanitary, of course, it would be for me too, if I saw a naked man roaming around my neighborhood O_O Although, if it was used for the right usage, such as art, or fashion, I would be admiring the artist's/designer's work!

Nudity is in fact fashion! The trend that has been and is still seen on the runway of various designers, sheer, sheer is a style that is found in shows such as Givenchy, Chanel, House of Holland, and perhaps other designers, why do they use these types of styles that expose body parts, to show you, you shouldn't be ashamed of your body, your curves, your whole look depends on your body, and clothes sometimes tend to show off skin. Givenchy produced a top which was released to stardoll that reveals the chest area, and that is considered as high fashion. Many celebrities, and highly known people wear these outfits, why? That is because it fashion, nudity is fashion.

To apply the same rule on stardoll, we cant deny the fact that actually the magazines do not show full nude bodies, yet show semi nude figures, even though we have at stardoll underage members, we cant deny the owners freedom of thought and action, because this is a certain thing, a person should not be judged by, yet criticized so that the next issue turns out 100x better!

What do you think?

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HyperHippos867 said...

Yes, yes, yes! This is what art is about! Stardoll allows people to express their love for fashion and the arts! Nudity is a form of art, as is fashion. The two mix, clothes are not made only to cover the human body but to reveal its beauty!
Ah, I've ranted. I just find the fuss over it a bit ridiculous. The high quality of these magazines is amazing, why not focus on that? The ideas and fantasies of the people behind it, let them shine!

Linnea/.pease. said...

I Agree Totally And Completely With You Maggie, I Love Both Eternity And Cover! Art Is What It Is.

Alice in Wonderland said...

There's a fine line between being naked for the sake of sex appeal and nudity for expression; idk, I think a couple of people crossed that line lately, sure, we're born naked etc. but in the society we live in today it's just unnacceptable to be naked and that's why it's so shocking to us, I guess. I've drawn nudes before, and I believe my art course requires me to draw a live, naked model at some point, but this is kind of in the purest form; no accessories etc.
What I'm trying to say (in a really long, boring way XD) is that it's an issue we'll probably never fully understand, but nudity is always going to be controversial, and we shouldn't use that to our advantage :P

Anonymous said...

I think Nudity is beauty.
We all have to embrace our bodies, and love it.

KingofMedia said...

Nudity is ok...BUT! when its on every single page of a magazine I'm not the biggest fan.

miki/lovekuting said...

bad publicity sometimes makes me think if i should continue with the publication, just because the reviews, well, were mostly bad. but then again, i'm doing the publication for myself and my team, and the few supporters it has. bad publicity or not, i am getting a much needed practice in photoshop and creating graphics which i can eventually use as a portfolio when i apply for college. as far as editing a magazine, the publication is giving me a lot of practice as well. if the magazine fails to be recognized, my team and i would still come out as winners no matter what since it will give us a foundation and experience that we will need when we eventually go out in the real world. so i don;t really care anymore about what people say. for me and my team we created a masterpiece. and no one can take that away from us.