Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Covergirl: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I did a post on how everyone would love to become covergirl. But, according to Yumi on hunnlgall's blog, everyone just keeps begging to win Covergirl. The way she says it, it seems as though they want to win for some selfish reason. Look at her post below-

I am abaft at how she thinks this is pathetic. I'm sure everyone on Stardoll has at least thought about trying to be Covergirl. It isn't our problem if we are trying to run, based on the few votes from the little people that visit our suite each day. This is a problem you should put up with Stardoll, not the members that long to win the achievement of Covergirl. It is not pathetic, the broadcasting system has become hard to rank in. Highs of 1000 broadcasts will sometimes be devoted to covergirl. When I was browsing through Dollywood, I referred to the broadcasting section and saw a girl spend 10,000 stardollars trying to win Covergirl. Immediately, I went to see who was on the cover. Not her.

Now that designers and catwalk people have been more advertised on Stardoll, it is nearly impossible to win Covergirl, even if you spend money on 200 broadcasts.

Beg, beg, beg, is what Yumi suggests. Selfish reasons? For some. Most, it is to reach the achievement of Covergirl. I'm sure you would have brightened spirits if you had 200 GB comments and were on the cover one morning. This means you accomplished something through hard work, and money.

What really bugs me is this- People who say it is begging, and that people shouldn't do it. Then, they turn around, run for Covergirl, and try to change the words that flew out of their mouth. Upperclassmen like bluegreen86, emorox4eva, and .Marcela.. have won Covergirl in previous years. Do you believe they just asked around for votes? No, they too probably sent out broadcasts.

Yumi, this may be my opinion, but if you do run for Covergirl, you are a hypocrite. You insulted the title and the people that have won it. There is hard work behind it, people send them out.

Done with my rant.

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