Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tyleristwofaced fires employee + a fight!

Wait until you hear this story! The other day Tyler fired one of his employee's of Tyler Bottom Top Models, not because the employee Devie44 was doing a bad job at what he was assigned, but because he was best friends with me!

Tyler is so immature as you can tell, but he could also be described as two faced! After logging on to Skype Friday afternoon, I received a message from Patrick telling me that Tyler was pissed of at me. I was surprised that Tyler would even discuss our problems with someone, that shows how unprofessional he is. Then being the bitch I am, I simply told Tyler, "I hear your "pissed" off at me." He replies with "That's correct. You missed your due date."

That part might be confusing. OK well Tyler and I decides to have a baby and they baby is about 3 weeks late. No no no joking, but Tyler is pissed off at me because I didn't whore out his dumb Modeling Agency around on this blog. This isn't the first time Tyler MADE me post one of his projects. Yeah I said made, Tyler try to make you feel like your lower than he is and if you do things like advertise his projects he'll be buddy buddy with you. But one day I realized I don't need or want to have a friendship with him, he is dirty, disgusting, and two faced.

Something else that came up in the fight was that I was two faced. I guess your entitled to your own opinion, but if I were to put a finger on the two faced one it would be him. Tyler when he spoke to me he never brought up that he was mad at me but when he spoke to Patrick he start calling me numerous things and that's just fake. Then it gets better, I find out that him and N1mka4eva talking about me behind my back calling me a famewhore, all I have to say to them is fuck you. And one of you need to leave the word famewhore out your mouth because before your were fired from that very popular blog Stardoll's Most Hated you told me that your would do anything to be on blogs... anything.

The best part of that fight was when Tyler said,

"You're just made at me because you can't get into the Elite.HQ's club because Charlotte isn't a big fan of your famewhoring was. I had nothing against you until I noticed how two-faced you actually are. I hope you're still able to call my agency 'poorly ran', when it comes out on top. Please, do me a favor, and go back to pretending you're a man. Oh and fuck you, 'King of Media'.

Firstly I could give a shit for her stupid club... really after how she acted on PSG if she is an elite I want nothing to do with them. And I was never pretending to be a man, it called hiding my identity he should know a lot about that, after all he is the one pretend to not be the guy in those picture that were revealed, which its pretty obvious its is him. Last thing I want to say is that it did hurt my virtual feeling hearing that you and Charlie were talking behind my back because I honestly thought we were friend... I was wrong. And I was late on posting because my skype app on my phone crashed and none of my conversations transferred over to my computer(And I don't care if I sound like a little bitch for saying that).

So Tyler, heres the post you want.


Lila said...

'I was surprised that Tyler would even disgusted our problems with someone'

KingofMedia said...

Oh Lila you god, you perfect gift from god, I meant discuss, the disgusted was how I felt when I saw those pictures of Tyler.

And who are you? Some chick who stalks Stardoll blogs? I should really hire you as my personal spell checker, since you love doing it for free.

xoxo Linda.

Tylerisbold said...

woah, you bitch, thanks for the post skank. This is exactly what I wanted.
Haters make me famous, literally. I mean look at you. My suite vists have gone up be 50%. Thanks bitch, bye bye.


Anonymous said...

First of all, that comment is not from me. But I do have to agree... You have finally published something worth reading on this blog. Too bad the only gossip you can write about involves you. And in the end, you mentioned my agency anyways so I guess I owe you a thanks!

KingofMedia said...

You're welcome Tyler,and I going to take that as a compliment.

If this doesn't help your pathetic project nothing will.

"Too bad the only gossip you can write about involves you. "

Want to know why? Because you and those other "Elites" are boring as fuck, if you want some good gossip its about me, I'm the only interesting person on this website (*giggles*, not being cocky just telling the truth), but I can't write about me every post. Writing about you whores aka "Elites" puts me to sleep.

ELITEmodels is the best agency on Stardoll, pay Tyler Going nowhere Models no mind.

Zoey/zoey-good_girl★ said...

All I have to say: That post was freaking epic, it made me LOL.

Lila said...

Calm your titties plz

KingofMedia said...

Ok? And you calm your mosquito bites. Lmao I couldnt refer to your A-cup as a Tittes, your a boy minus the penis, unless of course...

Your little comments aren't cute or funny.

♥Chloe said...

I laughed so hard when u said, Charlotte (you know, the one who made all that stuff that shes in a mental hospital) and tyler (the one who posted discusting pictures of himself online) called YOU, a famewhore.

ha, cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Linda, you're awesomee!
It is true, you are one of the last remaining elites who are truly dramatic & gossip worthy!

Tyler, I've yet to personally encounter the "Dark Side" of him that without a doubt exists, hopefully I will never have to. I hate what happened to Patrick, I was shocked and disgusted.
To Tyler: Trust me when I say, if you ever cross me, darlin, you're in for one helluva ride!

Great post overall! :]
We need more catfights & hissy fits on Stardoll!

(btw you know me, but I hate actually getting involved in the drama, so I'll keep my identity to myself ;)

Tiger1234a said...

I'm a new reader and what he said is pretty low.
What's your stardoll name KingofMedia? cause I wanna add you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, you're being very selfish. You shouldn't worry about what bores you. You should focus on your readers and what your readers want. And by the looks of things, this is one of your most popular posts. Hm, pitty.

You own a well-known blog and you just let yourself stoop to lower levels. Most of the comments on your articles are from you. Take some advice from iconic bloggers like Perez and learn how this business works.

It's said to see an owner talking trash to her only readers. Did Coco Chanel ever make fun over someone's tits. You sink too low, you drag things. You bite off more than you can chew. It's sad.

SaltyDan said...

Tyler you are a hypocrite.

A few weeks ago you had a whinge about people critasizing your blog, and not commenting yet here you are doing what you claimed to be unfair.

At least this person had the balls to do their bitching in public, you do it behind closed doors because your a coward.

Anonymous said...

Call me whatever you want, Dan. I don't bitch and spend my time outing people in public because I just don't care. It's a waste of my time. It's a shame Linda couldn't post like this on the daily, not just when she's pissed off at someone.

SaltyDan said...

You do care, denying it is just a lie.

We have even spoken in the past about it. Not that you'd remember, you was probably in another convo bitching about me while talking to me.

Anonymous said...

I honestly didn't know that Stardoll could be so exciting than real life.

Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

Lol. This whole entire post was just hilarious. Comments too. WOW.

KingofMedia said...

Oh Tyler, is someone upset that their blog still isn't get the hit they were expecting. Sucks right?

And sorry if I can't post every day,I don't live and breath Stardoll 24/7.

So, when are you going to released that extremely long statement explain why your closing TTM like you did TTT and that other blog of yours.

xoxo, Linda

@Anon My user is Elite-girl
@Gia O_-
@Dan Agreed!

June-e-cullen said...

two lilas x] Are they the same person o.O lmao... i think tyler is being a hypocrite.... cough cough.

Olivia. said...

if you ask me, this seems to just be a situation of an old legend losing their place to a new one. interpret that how you will :)

Danzuh said...

Nice haha xD

MissMicky754 said...

tyler, seriously i would of expected something like that from a two year old. Grow up.