Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's official: Stardoll needs to go back to second grade.

So, I opened my inbox this morning and received a mail with a beautiful spring setting. I started to read the message and...BAM! Stardoll misspelled a word in a mail that they sent to over 96 million members. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but they spelled surprise as "suprise". My sister, that's in 3rd grade, last year learned how to spell surprise, and now she knows. Doesn't Stardoll have editors that oversee what is written, or is it just carelessness shown through. Example X as to why Stardoll needs new staff. They don't care for members, and don't care to fix mistakes.




nailahboo12 said...

Yeah. I hate spelling mistakes too. But Stardoll is in Sweden, run by people who speak Swedish. They do the best they can with spelling. They don't speak English :P

gina xox said...


Anonymous said...

I got another one.. But this time.. The spelling error was fixed! So now I have 2 of the messages.. One that says 'suprise' and the other that has the right spelling.. 'surprise.'

StardollQueens said...

Lol people overestimate stardoll as being superb..PLEASE have you seen their security system? Have you seen their quality of staff? Case closed..