Friday, March 4, 2011

.Marcela.. , gone?

Missing Alert! Star Blogger, Top Stardesigner, successful blog owner .Marcela.. is missing, kidnapped? Perhaps! Everyone check your bloomers, pockets, missing doll on the lose. While looking searching for this stylish fashHOE I noticed she had been gone, missing, vanished! Where the hell did she go? Could she have been deleted? Taking a trip to lolly land, land of all the perfect medolls, I'm guessing not...?
(She was above Tylerisbold earlier, and she has been removed from the Star Bloggers list.)

Many well know accounts have been getting deleted recently on Stardoll, a good friend Devie44 was recently deleted, or had deleted himself, who knows? Do you guys care? I do since he is a friend of mine, but he isn't the most loved on Stardoll. And we all know Undamyumbrellla, Poohg_1994, along with many other. Even the unbelievably idiotic famewhore of them all, notorious hacker MizzMileyCyrus9 (I don't know that bitch's username, but no one cares anyways) was deleted and sent to stardoll HELL, I was so happy to say my goodbyes to that bitch, unfortunately Stardoll rarely listens to us members and invited her back.

Bye, bitches! Mwah.


Anonymous said...

I heard devie44 got deleted for posting links in his profile.

KingofMedia said...

I heard he got deleted for trying to sell his account for real money.

Wooldoor said...

He got deleted for breaking Stardoll Policy. But that is bullshit. He has filed a claim with BBB and is waiting for an answer.

Anonymous said...

Jenna probably got deleted too, please check.

♥Chloe said...

.Marcela.. had on her presintation that she was selling her account for real money, I even asked her why (before she was deleted)

Maybe stardoll staff found out that she was going to be selling her account?

Maybe she was so bored of stardoll she deleted her account instead of selling it?

Maybe she got deleted and thats why she was selling her account? Maybe someone was reporting her and she wanting to get rid of her account?

Who knows..