Friday, October 29, 2010

That time of the year!
Boo! I know scared you, its almost that time of the year, HALLOWEEN! Time to knock on every door on you block begging for candy! Woot! I'm so ready, want to know what I'm going to be this halloween? Well I'm still undecided, either a vampire or 'Jersey Shore' cast Jenny 'J-Wow. My friends and I are planning to go as the whole cast (of the Jersey Shore) but here in New York getting pretty cold, so we might not be able to be as skanky as we planned.

Here are some of my favorite celebrities in their Halloween costumes !
Here is cast of Fashion Police- Kelly Osbourne (As ice teas' wife Coco, George Kotsiopoulos (As Justin Bieber), Snooki (as... Snooki), Joan Rivers♥ (as Snooki), and lastly Giuliana Rancic (As Rachel Zoe)

**By the way if you read this right away 'Fashion Police' is on NOW!**

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