Friday, October 1, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 5
This week feel like every other week on Stardoll, DULL and BORING. Stardoll Fashion Week hasn't been as what I pictured it to be. I feel if Writemarycat was running it, it would have been 10 times better! Next fashion week it should be run by someone like Tylerisbold, Star_awards, Style_magazine (yeah right), or even Elitenews. But Becka is doing a pretty good job being that Mary left her at the last minute, don't you think?

The time of the parties are like 2/3:00 pm eastern time so I miss every party but today I read through some of the page and not everyone was happy about having to wait for absolutely nothing, and some even called it a "BIG disappointment".

Out of the three project that were SUPPOSED to be release today only one did, so well that makes my job easier! I like Eeleenyte10's collection Fantasy Couture, was pretty good, but not my favorite. She could have worked on the poses a little more, and I'm not fan of the many colors from the stage to the black and blue walls. Big fan of the bathing suit though, and overall not bad!

5 down 2 to go. Opinions?


Manolo.DiCicco said...

I agree with you, they have more time on SD and they know alot about it and they went through many experiences.
Style is amazing at design and she has a good eye for fashion.
But Everyone did an amazing start, right?
But they have to improve.

blueberry-dream said...

Awh, I really wanted to see Wooldoor's collection and vaniTEEN.

and OMG, thank God I'm not the only one who wants to stay up at 2 AM for the parties.