Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogs to look out for!

Lately I've been viewing some Stardoll blogs that I haven't really known of and one really stuck out to me. The blog is VERY different probably the only Stardoll blog which covers things like this.

The blog is called Stardoll's Modern House owned by Esther001 and its all about how to create a modern chic suite and give you tips on how to do so. Follow the blog, by the way the blog is not in English but the pictures will explain it all.

Do you have a blog that you feel needs more attention? Well you might be able to get feature on the very critical blog, King of Media. Contact me!


Esther said...

Thank you! I wrote about your blog and I decided that my blog will be written in English and Polish:)

KingofMedia said...

Welcome, I love all your work!

Allesandra92 said...

If you want visit my blog.

I write in Polish, but look. Maybe something understand ;)