Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Noelle encouraging Isabella to blog?


It look like someone I looking to blog with her best friend again. Noelle_Page who is a new blogger for blog Editorialized, seems to want to blog again. As we can see she left Isabella.Arci a guest book comment simply saying blog, which maybe a great thing for everyone was was a fan Mémoires Of A MeDoll.

What do you think of Noelle and Isabella tag teaming again?
I honestly hope they do come back to blogging!


Isabella.Arci said...

Yes, Linda, Noelle & I have been talking about reviving our blog. We're presently scribbling a couple of drafts for future articles, endlessly re-editing graphics & deliberating on potential would-be co-writers.

Hope all goes well because Noelle & I are excited!


KingofMedia said...

I hope everything goes well too! And I'm super excited for the return on Mémoires Of A MeDoll as well!

Delaney said...

Has anyone else noticed the diamonds instead of stars on some people? I left SD, but i came back to ask one of my old friends for their email and found the stars. I check the blogs for any info, but there is none! Do you all know what it is?

KingofMedia said...

Yeah the diamond means your part of Stardoll Royalty ;D