Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do we need guns on Stardoll?

The members of Stardoll have been getting more and more creative the past 2 months or so. After Stardoll surprised us all with a new StarDesign Jewelry people have been creating everything from new hairstyles, ipads, earrings, eyes, shoes, and pretty much everything.

But today I found a design that was very shocking. It was a gun create by CelebridadeJuu! I first saw the gun when I arrived to a page with the medoll dressed up as a Native American holding a gun. I couldn't help but laugh, but I know for certain that guns should not be on Stardoll. It will influence inapporpiate behavior, just maddness, and I don't think Stardoll is going to find it edgy and funny as I did. Stardoll is about Fame, Fun, and Fashion(I think), not Gangs, Guns, and Violence (Couldn't think of another 'G' word).
What do you think about the guns? Going to buy one?

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