Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pick of the day competition! Win easy 50sd!

Want to win an easy 50sd? Great, today's pick of the day is this Gucci inspired halter top and whoever wears it the best win said prize!:

In real life this top retails for $422 USD, but on stardoll you could find the top for only 19sd. Isn't it strange how in 2008 or 2009 if we heard something was sold for 19sd we'd freak out because we only got paid 50sd of allowance a week! Now everything is being sold at that price, time have have changed folks

So lets get to the competition, 

Whoever wears this Gucci inspired Hot Buy piece wins 50sd! Superstars win the actual 50sd, and Non-superstar win gift that equal up to 50sd.

Of course there are some rules :
1) You may only submit one outfit, if you enter more than once both submission may be declined.
2)For the time being, submit your outfits in the comment sections
3)You must be a follower of the blog

For now, those are all the rules. 

Join now, and have fun! You'll have until March 3rd to submit! 


Sarah/DivaMiley1992 said...

Stardoll username: DivaMiley1992

thanks :)

Linda/Elite-girl said...

Lol, since you were the only one to submit you win! Come collect your prize! haha