Friday, January 6, 2012

Kasia furious with MDM Staff!

Hopefully we all have those friends who'd do anything for us. The type to stand up for us when we can't really do it ourselves. UndamyUmbrellla is just that type of friend. The ride or die chick that would kick a bullies arse in a minute!

We all know about her and N1mka4eva's strange relationship(they're practically lovers), and when Kasia got word that N1mka4eva's post were being deleted from MDM she decided to voice her opinion and wrote:

After insulting the blog, and staff she she sort of insulted her friend by calling her post self-indulgent, and structureless all of which is true, but turn the insult into a complement by calling it the only genuine post on MDM.

I personally think Charlotte is full of herself, when we were friends it was all about her. She was a phony friend, and a phony person. And to answer Kasia's question about Charlotte's post being deleted, its most likely because they were dumb! No one understood what she was talking about, and to be quite frank no one cared.


Anonymous said...

The question is: Who is SHE to criticize the writers of MDM?

Charlotte said...

That's so funny... I love the word phony. Anyone who read my posts and thought that I(out of all the dumb people on this site you picked ME?) was dumb obviously doesn't get me and I feel sorry for them. I'm really smart actually, I know no one will believe me, though. it's all so funny.

Chace Clark/Chace.Clark said...

I just enjoy your posts :D

Linda/KingofMedia said...

Thanks you so much Chace!

Charlotte is "Ms.I'm Perfect", lmao.

Charlotte darling, you are the word phony.
*kisses on the cheek, stabs in the back* <- thats you, alright!

Reece Oliver said...

@Maggie: Leave Kasia alone she has every fucking right to criticize the shitty writers of MDM. She is only sticking up for her friend also she is Kasia that's who she is. Now go and fucking DO ONE!

Anonymous said...

@ Reece: She can 'stand up for' her friend without mentioning the writers of the blog who have nothing to do with the deletion of Charlotte's blog post. Honestly, you are NOT the one to talk, re-read your posts and see how weak, LAME and superficial your OWN writing is before calling the writers of MDM shitty. At least we have a cause to write for, you on the other hand, have the fame of being a washed up maniac who hacks for a living.


Reece Oliver said...

@Maggie: I know I am such a nice hacker aren't I. Whatever you washed-up Swedish slut go back to the street corners where you belong or to the motorway as that is where most major accidents happen. Think before you type.
Yours Faithfully,
Reece (The Hacker)

Reece Oliver said...

PS: They obviously deleted her post otherwise where is it now? Is it invisible? NOT.

Anonymous said...

@ Reece: Hilarious! Just a few side notes: I am not from Sweden your moron I am from Switzerland; so dont tell me to 'think before I type' when clearly didnt take the time to even know where I come from. Consequently, your comeback is as washed up and lame as you are :)

As for the scenery you just illustrated, I think the way you described it in detail is more than a coincidence; you're obviously well aware with that environment; as if YOU lived there. Hmm...

If you clearly READ my comment, you'd see that I never denied the deletion of her post, I said that personally the contributors had nothing to do with it!


Anonymous said...

As a last note, I'd like to clear up that I personally don't perceive Charlotte and her posts as dumb, nor was I ever consulted about the deletion of her posts!

I - fortunately - have a life to attend to that is rather than spending my time arguing virtually with a twelve year old kid!

Maggie ;D

Reece Oliver said...


devie44 said...

@ Maggie;
Hey I miss you....and I think you made me pee. lololol

@ Reece;

Hey Reece, just so you know, your comments do NOT sound intelligent. We all know you try to sound intelligent, but you just screw up. You're 12, no 12 year old talks like that. Give it a rest, Jesus. I swear you just think that everyone likes you. Kasia probably really hates you but tolerates you, just like the rest of us. I just think it's hilarious how malevolent and clever you think you're being when quite frankly you're just being ignorant and annoying. You kind of remind me of a mole; lives in the ground away from the world, annoying and hated. I just think you're delusional. Bottom line, I laugh when I read your comments because they're so 'well thought-out'.

Kisses dear Reece!

Ruubin said...

I just love Kasia's comment. It is everything.

Can't we all just love each other? :)

Reece Oliver said...

Reece is an imbecile. Agreed? Agreed. Now lets move on.

o said...

You spelled dieing wrong. It's dying.

Linda/KingofMedia said...

Thanks my love.