Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Manolo.DiCicco the ghost returns?

*personal banner coming soon,.. I hope*
So as promised, I told you all I'd bring the blog back and I am! I just really wanted to give the blog a little makeover before starting again! I got a new banner thanks to one of my great friends Eamonn! Eamonn is to me, what Hunnigall is to Tylerisbold, and we all know how that relationship works. But unlike Tyler, I pay Eamonn for the graphics.(meant to be all laughs & giggles)

Any who, remember the days when Fashion Group and Diogaurdi Group went at it to see who was indeed the best? Well those days are long gone, and so are the whole group thing, I think once MissLolita_F or someone made a group it became played out. The owner of Diogaurdi Group and Diogaurdi Couture, Manolo.DiCicco, made a little appearance to Dollywood after being absent for a few months to wed with some woman he doesn't know.

Well I have a quick question for you all, did Manolo's style get flush down the toilet?

Also who is the most stylish guy on Stardoll? I know whose not!

PS: For all you who applied to be a writer sorry, I had a overload of friend request and just checked them the other day.
PPS: Reece you're not going to be a writer(thanks for apply though), unlike Dan I don't add just anyone. (laughs & giggles)*kisses*


Gladis ♚ said...

YAY KOM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Sofi/Lulla96 said...

My reaction exactly.

eamonnogcollins said...

Haha, he looks like Madonna on a good day! ;D

- Eamonn Collins

Baya Nikolas said...


Dei said...

Men's handbags are so 2011.

But I like his bra..

Linda/KingofMedia said...

Men bras are the new trend for 2012!

Congrats, to all the men with man boobs, you'll now have some support! :*

MDC said...

I miss Stardoll, Dressing-up and talk to my friends.
I miss that alot.
I'm not 100% back. I just got some minutes on my friend's computer to see what's new on Stardoll, and I also changed my outfit.
My computer got fucked up,that's why I leaved SD for some time. I have a new one but I dont have Internet Services at the moment. I hope I get back soon.
And Linda, you're right men's bra is such a new trend! And a good one for this year.

Anonymous said...

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