Monday, November 22, 2010

Back! Plus more news!

Ok well for the past week or so, I've been very busy, upset, and just really not in a blogging mood so I kind of took a couple of days off but now I'M BACK!

Have some of you heard of the new people Tyler, Lolita, and I are working? If you have its called Stardoll's Fashion Police (yeah I know there a fashionpolicesd some where out there but I made the blog back at the end out august). Well idea is based on the show "Fashion Police which airs ever Friday night on 'E!', so watch it! Basically the judge (Tyler, Lolita, and I) will judge all of your outfits, if it looks like crap, basically were are going to tell you it looks like crap! So don't be a little bitch if your on the worst of the week's list! Ready?
OH, and word on the street is 2 more people returned the Stardoll this past sunday. Madworld and Writemarycat has finally returned to Stardoll. Welcome back, hopefully you guys brought us something interesting back!

Don't forget to check out Stardoll's Fashion Police! Follow, follow, follow!


Larsa_Gurl said...

Yeah.. my

How is that a surprise. ?
I had that idea since forever. IN SUMMER.

KingofMedia said...

I must have had the user since my is sdfashionpolice and your is fashionpolicesd.

Technically your blog is called Fashion Police Stardoll and mine Stardoll's Fashion Police hunny, THIS BLOG WAS MADE MONTHS AGAIN!FUCK OFF!SERIOUSLY!

Larsa_Gurl said...

I didn't wanna to make it super long. I could of had the name, but I didn't want to. And, you didn't make it in August , I know you didn't. I hate liars.