Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bitch Stole My TOTAL look!

Today's bitch stole my look contestants are pretty well-known one being a editor-n-chief/owner of Donna Magazine, SmoothieLove, and the other contestant being a great friend of mine and a blogger Brit-on-me.

Spotted, Both Eff and Smoothielove were caught wearing the same outfit! The HB Jacket, along with the same Rare inspired by Balmain dress. Hmm, I'm sorry guys but I can't choose who looks the best, I guess I'm going to have to leave it up to you guess again!

So vote in the polls but don't let that stop you from commenting! I'd love to hear your opinion.


Ciara said...

Filipe! :D

smoothielove said...

Are you kidding me!? HAha this is seriously hilarious, we'll I haven't even visted her suite, I had no idea xD And the outfits really aren't that alike.. Honestly, I think we both rocked it and I'm sure she didn't copy my look either :)

itdoesntreallymatterwhatmynameis said...


I thought it'd be perfect for your new segment :D

KingofMedia said...

No niether one of you copied each other, you guys just thought a like:D

You both look great:)

Queen-of-mean. said...

Effay ! :)