Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSS New Owner

The Star Shiner was just bought from previous owner Miss_LolitaF and was sold to Devie44. She sold the blog with over 2000 follower, and a staff already selected for the price of 3 RC MK items (pants, stockings, and t-shirt).
So far Patrick has spent 300sd on a new banner(which can been seen above), but word on the street is the previous owner isn't so impressed by it. She feels it looks like a porn blog, laugh out loud worthy! What a way to to compliment a guy whom just spent 300sd on this banner! But Lolita then said the banner was nice, just... different.

Happy Patrick is the new owner, yes or no?


Blahm3 said...

That banner is amazing :O
I can't believe someone would not like it ?

I hope Patrick will have fun with his new blog !

Miss_LolitaF said...

Linda, ur so rude.

I hate u when you do that.

KingofMedia said...

How am I rude? I told everyone you liked it Lolita.

Lets not start this shyt again O_O

Your acting as if I said YOU HATED IT AND THAT ITS A PIECE OF SHYT! Calm down, really.

Anonymous said...

I love the banner, really amazing.

Princessvx said...

I love the header because it screams fashion and is praising one of the most known designers in the world... But Lolita you can't say it looked like a porn site, because your last header had 2 girls half-naked as well... But, yes, I think they need clothes.

Don't start you two, I know The Fashion Police with you two will not work out. ^^

Linnea/.pease. said...

I Love It Too.

xxlovexx / Kimberly♥ said...

I love it personally.

I'm sure we will all miss Lolita as the owner but I'm sure Patrick will make the blog amazing too!

& I love the banner, and I'm also chuffed cause I'm a member of the team now ;]

Anonymous said...

the banners awesome but I find 300 a lot of money just for one only ~_~

iswim19 said...

It's nice.. But kind of, I don't know, revealing?

Mia said...

Yes yes yes, a thousand times yes. Patrick <3

I love Lolita, but does her opinion really even matter? It's his blog now, not hers. Just sayin'.

Connacht said...
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