Monday, November 8, 2010

Lolita Contradicts herself? Again?
(credit to PSG)
Yes we're speaking about the most blogged about on person Stardoll, Lolita! I love Lolita but some times she confuses me! The other Baya published a post about Lolita when she was questioning why people "BEG" for voted to be covergirl, she later add that you should win covergirl based on beaty of you doll!

Just a few mintues ago I look at the top of the stardoll screen seen Lolita's username and over... and over.. and over.. and yet there were still more broadcast simply saying "Covergirl". Maybe to you this isn't begging but when you broadcast over and over and over again, than maybe you should explain to us a little more what begging truly is.

I still love you Lolly, and good luck winning covergirl! Thanks to PSG again!



VampireLady33/Milena said...

yeah I just noticed that.simply LOLita.

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

Linda this makes no sense. Just because I write covergirl does not means I am begging.

Begging would had been like: Please vote me covergirl because it is my dream or so.


Guess something else to gossip about! -.-"

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

The comment i wrote that Baya posted was for the girls who write: Vote me CG because it is my dream and such stupid things.


Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

(Make the difference)

KingofMedia said...

I'm sorry Lolly, but it makes alot of sense. Broadcasting 'covergirl' over and over (about99999999 times) again IS begging, it you did it like 3-4 times thats a different story BUT you didn't. How did you win covergirl your first time around, begging and I think you also bribed people.

Not trying to be mean... but...

Anonymous said...


KingofMedia said...

Lol, but really how much money did you spend because I am still seeing your broadcast.

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

Linda, as long as I don't use the word please it ain't a begging!

How much sd? - None of ur business.

KingofMedia said...

Wow, someone can't handle the truth... I guess you want all your 'friends' to kiss your ass and tell you what you want to hear. I'm not one of those friends, I like to tell you what you need to hear you need to know that you being a coward.

Why else would you KEEP sending the same broadcast over and over again? YOU WANT VOTES! As simple as that, ITS begging.

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

It is broadcasting/advertising not begging!


KingofMedia said...

Then what is your presentation all about?

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

Hun my presentation was like that since when I sent my 1st broadcast and will be like that until my 600th is shown!

hotgirl1501 said...

I am sorry Lolita but u are not right and don't think that just because ur popular in stardoll you will be the best! please stop contradicting yourself and be more mature!!!

Deidra said...

Not to be mean but... you don't HAVE to say 'please' to be begging...

It can be like, 'Can I have a cookie? Can I have a cookie? Can I have a cookie? Can I have a cookie? Can I have a cookie?'

Or if someone is in trouble, 'Help, help, help, help, help.'

That's begging too. :)

miki/lovekuting said...

hmmmm... what can you do with 50 usd worth of SD card

1. a 50 usd worth of shopping spree at HOLLISTER or FOREVER 21, where you can buy REAL CLOTHES that you can wear in REAL LIFE

2. 50 usd worth of REAL CLOTHES for either lounging, sleep wear, work out, lingerie and REAL perfume and knick knacks at VICTORIA SECRET

3. 50 usd worth of REAL CHAI TEA LATTE at STARBUCKS

4. 50 usd worth of watching REAL MOVIES with your sooooo awesome cool friends

5. 50 usd worth of REAL MAKE UP, smash box, even TOKIDOKI and fragrance like the coach new poppy

i am addicted to SD myself, but i don't spend 50 USD worth just to broadcast that i'm running for CG. hmmmm... seems like someone have a misconstrued way of prioritizing what's important and what's not. just a thought :)

Rachweee123 said...

I agree that Lolita contradicts herself but for some reason, I like her a lot.
And she's always been nice to me.

Mary/Bmayia said...

UMMMM...what do you think you are Lolita??
The best of Stardoll?The "Stardoll Diva" as you called your self in TSS?Our boss?
Not you aren´t anything of that!You really dont have any real friends everyone is like that with you just because of your fame!There is many people in SD that you have been very mean with them,u should apologize with them!
There is good people that deserve to have your fame!You are not making anything good in SD!You should leave Stardoll!

Lulla96 said...

What the fuck is your broblem?! Your just a jealous bitch... Lolita got her fame for reasons, one of which is her nice personality.
P.s. I know this is an old post, but I just had to say this :]