Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lipstick Magazine Christmas Issue!

Its here! The Christmas Issue of Lipstick Magazine was released moments ago. The covergirl is... yet again bluegreen86. Am I the only one annoyed with seeing Mel on EVERY magazine cover, last year she was on D Magazine's Christmas issue's cover and also cover for Eternity Magazine! There is more than a cover girl similarity between D Magazine and Lipstick Magazine, they both also featured her in lingerie.

I mean I never fully understood promoting lingerie for Christmas isn't the time to be promoting gloves and scarfs(which they did feature in the magazine as well)? And next time I'd say pick someone less known as a covergirl, keeps things interesting.

Still love the magazine, but disagree with some of their choices!


Alice in Wonderland said...

If the article wasn't a total copy of D magazine's, I would've loved it, but the fact that we already saw this article means tehre's not really a point to it... We all like to see original stuff, right? That's why we love artists like Gaga and Katy Perry, because they're different.
C'mon, girls, you can be original too, right? :)

Aba's a w.../shake-something said...

Mel is amazing!Just wishing that they would put her on the cover of a spring/summer issue. :/

smoothielove said...

I love Mel, but seriously..people need to be more new thinking. It's not easy, but..I would like to see someone else on the cover for once.

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one who get's annoyed by seeing Mel every where. I'm sure she's a kind person, and she has a great medoll. But it's time for new models..

Anonymous said...

whats the link to d's mag with mel on the cover? i can't seem to find it!!

KingofMedia said...

nik - firecracker. said...

Well this magazine looks like it's selling MEL.
fashion magazines are about clothing & fashion, not about the model.

Put some clothes on her.
If you guys want some sexy graphics, create a Playboy or Lingerie magazine.


I love Mel, she's kind and sweet.
But this is just untasteful.

Evita.Sweet said...

it looks amazing, but it is 0% creative.
D magazine copycat

Anonymous said...

I wanna see some model variety here, magazine owners.