Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tyleris- Claiming his throne once again!
First I'd like to congratulate Tylerisbold on his nominees for the Star Awards! The other day Tyler gave me a little scoop on his upcoming projects.

Tyler is planning on opening his own Night Club/Lounge, seems fun but my question is can he keep up with the project. A lot of nightclub owners let there business go after a while. The night club will called TheTrendySpot which will be an addition to Tyler's Top Trends (which as you may know is still under construction) as he is building a brand.

Tyler also makes the statement, "I am in the process of a big 'comeback', not that I really have left... Just that I will be on top once again".Well Tyler we will all keep an eye out for your new project and you 'comeback', good luck!

Opinion on TheTrendySpot?


hotgirl1501 said...

I think there is not comebacks! I think if you are in the top you should stay in the top and earn your spot there everyday! The Trendy Spot will not be a big thing because some people already came with this Idea and I think it is not that good at all!anyways good luck! also the throne already has a owner and that owner is STARDOLL'S KING OF THE MEDIA! I Love you guys! -hotgirl1501

KingofMedia said...

Oh, I love you Hotgirl1501!:D

Keep the comments coming!:D

Anonymous said...

There is such thing as a comeback, lost girl. If there was not, would Britney be here? Yes, I am talking about Ms. Spears! Because my idea is not an original one does not mean that it will not be fun and liked. You do not see Vegas or Hollywood shutting down a nightclub because there was already one down the street. Think about it.

Deidra said...

"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." - LL Cool Jay


Queen-of-mean. said...

YAY ! I love night clubs :P
I hope it will be a big thing :D

Princessvx said...

I love night-clubs, but to be honest, you do kind of have to prove yourself everyday, the title has to be yours... it's not a 'shared' thing.