Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bitch Stole my Look! Rio Leopard Print Bag just loved this segment so much that I've decided to do it again! Firstly, Last 'Bitch Stole my Look' winner with no doubt went to Style_magazine wearing her two toned ball skirt!

Both Tcholas93 and Bluegreen86 were seen today wearing the same hand bag, Rio Leopard Print bag which cost 7sd. I think both these going are WORKING the bag Nicole whom dressed it up and Mel who dress it down, but hmmm.... who wore it the best?

Bluegreen86 or tcholas93? Comment!


hotgirl1501 said...

I personally hate bluegreen86's look today and that is weird because i normally love her style and i think she is a really fashionable person.

Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

As much as I love Mel, I just feel that tcholas93 is wearing the bag in a cuter outfit.

Aba's a w.../shake-something said...

Mel deffinatly.It's sort of Safari. :D