Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kasia Hacked AGAIN!

Now this is the second time this week that Kasia, known as UndamyUmbrellla on Stardoll has been hacked! For the second time Bluegreen86, Mel, posted the information on Stardoll's Most Wanted notifying everyone! This time the hacker got away with some of Kasia items and when I check her guestbook I noticed she may still be on this account crying for help!

Undamyumbrellla's Guestbook:Kasia has lost all her MKA, Lottery, and other items of hear and the alleged hacker is Katerina1996.

This is all very weird!


Kasia has uploaded some proof!


Anonymous said...

She has to be giving her password away! How the heck does this happen not once but two times!

Anonymous said...

go back three pages in KATERINA1996's guestbook and apparantly bluegreen86 asked her to be friends..
... maybe they all planned this together...

.emma.x. said...

I see a few loopholes in this story.

iswim19 said...

Conflicted stories.

Perhaps insight into Kasia's case..?

Alicia-Nicole said...

how peculiar :S