Thursday, November 11, 2010

Style_Magazine's new designs

Could it be? Is Style_Magazine finally realizing that her celebrity won't keep her loaded with cash on Stardoll anylonger? Looks like Style is working for her money now, not selling over price items but selling very well done designs she made on her own!

The design is very well made,the print is amazing and its price at a.. reasonable price of 17sd, not super reasonable but I think its worth buying! If you buy the dress, wear it, and contact me and you could be featured on Stardoll's King Of Media for 'Bitch Stole My Look".

If you interested in buying click: here


hotgirl1501 said...

I am not a big lover of medolls designs but I think this designs are really cute and I would buy them if i was ss!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing the design, I love it! My Stardoll name is sugar103

hay_lin75 said...

I'm actually wearing 4 dresses hahah :D

Princessvx said...

I like the design's, but I don't love then, fact being becasue they look like something made out of curtains, no offense.

marilynaudrey said...

I am wearing one =) I love the designs style makes! =) whatever happened to .marcela..??? i was a frequent buyer but now she doesn't make designs anymore =(

stardoll name: marilynaudrey