Monday, November 8, 2010

Alice is not having it!
Some random Stardoll member who goes by the name of was found passing off the graphics of amazing graphics designer Hunngall's and when she found out she was not about to have it!

First of all look at the graphics... she say '100%' is made by her when truly all she did was re-drew the dress which now looks 20 times worst! Is she delusional, why would she do such a thing?Alice contacted Realashelyt about the graphic saying some... odds things to the girl for example "You steal my poses, I steal your soul, geddit?" I mean you gotta love Alice, right? She didn't seem to upset, she kept it classy with a slight bit of humor!
Of course RealAshelyT denies everything, explaining that she doesn't know anything that is being said about her. She also threatened that she would report Alice if she accuse her of this again, and Alice replied by threatening to sue her!*giggle*

I hope you update that copyright girl!


Alice in Wonderland said...

I said I'd sue as a dramatisation
I assumed she was young and relatively impressionable and saying something like that should've threatened her enough to at least stop doing it o.O

KingofMedia said...

Lol, smart thinking :D

iswim19 said...

Hahah. The dresswork is simply disgusting compared to the graphic. OBVIOUSLY not the work of the same graphics designer, who'd buy that idea?

Anonymous said...

hey this is realashelyt you can stopp sayin all these LIES about me .. use are all have no right to blame me ..where you there? did u see who typed that? .?? npo.. didnt think so ... i seriousl;y will sue!! im not jokinng.. i will be getting my laywer in for making such terrible lies about me